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Our Purpose Rise & Achieve Foundation was formed as a mentoring organization, for youth in our community, to teach entrepreneurial skills, leadership ability, and self confidence. With these skills and programs, the youth will be able to apply their skills for operating and owning their own business.

These goals will be accomplished with the help of volunteer workers who have agreed to help the children in our community. These volunteers have agreed to teach and provide the necessary resources for the youth to apply skills learned for the success of their individual goals in life.

Our organization’s goals are to increase awareness and accessibility of opportunities available to the youth, to provide avenues for personal growth and accomplishment, and create jobs and business ventures in the community.

Rise and Achieve Foundation will sponsor football, basketball, soccer, and craft camps to enhance the learning of self-discipline and confidence in completing a task. We also plan to give out a scholarship to a youth for the advancement of their educational and/or vocational goals.

Our fund raising events will consist of a bridal and prom expo, a white tie affair, golf, football, basketball, and soccer tournaments, and charitable donations.

Rise and Achieve Foundation was founded out of a sincere desire to make a difference in the community where we live. Children are our resource…They are our future. We should all be committed to training, teaching, and discovering their personal talents and interests so they will apply and activate the things learned into practical applications.